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Professional Carpet Cleaning by Motor City Cleaning Company

If you run a successful business or commercial property, you know how much traffic carpeted areas experience on a daily basis. As people move in and out of your building, their shoes can leave behind all kinds of dirt, grime, and bacteria. If you don’t have your carpets cleaned regularly, that grime will add up. 

Thankfully, Motor City Cleaning Company is here to handle all your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Scheduling routine commercial carpet cleaning in Plymouth is a great way to support your carpet as well as the health of your employees. 

Advanced Commercial Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Hot Water Extraction 

Hot water extraction is just what it sounds like! Our cleaning technicians spray a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution onto your carpets, and then industrial vacuums agitate the carpet area to loosen dirt and grime. The vacuum sucks up the debris, leaving your carpets with a deep clean. 

Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning is popular for its shorter dry times because it doesn’t leave behind water residue. Instead, a chemical solution with acrylic polymers attaches to the soil and dirt particles in your carpet. Once attached, they break down the components, releasing them from your carpet fibers. Then, a simple vacuuming removes the contaminants, leaving your carpet fresh and clean. 


Benefits of Regular Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While you are busy ensuring your business is running smoothly behind the scenes, your customers or visitors tend to prioritize their visual experience of your building. Dirty or grimy carpets can be off-putting and make your building smell unpleasant, which anyone is sure to notice. If you want your customers to have a positive experience with your business from start to finish, commercial carpet cleaning is your solution!

In addition to keeping your space clean and fresh, routine carpet cleaning services protect the longevity of your carpet fibers. The cleaner they are, the longer they can withstand wear and tear. You also don’t need to replace your carpets as frequently, which can save you serious money. 

Customized Carpet Cleaning Plans for Your Business

While it is important to prioritize routine carpet cleaning, not all businesses are the same when it comes to cleaning needs. That’s why Motor City Cleaning Company offers different cleaning services tailored to meet your specific business. We can come out for a one-time deep clean or schedule regular visits to keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh.  

Regardless of whether you choose a single visit or routine cleanings, our team will arrive on time with the proper tools and equipment to confidently tackle your carpet space. We understand the different considerations for various carpet fibers and work delicately and thoroughly to clean your space without damaging your property. All of this is part of our ongoing commitment to high-quality service. 

Serving Plymouth, Detroit, and Wixom, MI, in Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have a thriving hair salon in the Detroit area or your car dealership in Plymouth has a carpeted area that needs attention, the Motor City Cleaning Company team has the cleaning solution for you. We are a local company, which means we fully understand the needs of our community while cultivating a special interest in protecting our local businesses. We are a part of this community, too, and it shows.

We deliver high-quality commercial cleaning services in Detroit and the surrounding area. Our team maintains the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on helping our neighbors thrive. If you are looking for a local company that truly loves serving the Detroit area, look no further than Motor City Cleaning Company. 

Motor City Cleaning Company (Commercial Cleaning Service)

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Are you on the hunt for industrial cleaning services near Wixom, MI, or the surrounding area? The team at Motor City Cleaning Company is the preferred choice when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning needs.

We offer satisfaction guaranteed no matter the size or scale of your project. If you are ready to feel the difference after a professional carpet cleaning, Motor City Cleaning Company is here to help. 

Let our dedicated business be your one-stop shop for all your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Contact us today at (734) 768-2994 to schedule a carpet cleaning for your business.


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Dean Marlo
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Dennis Diekman (The Carpet Cleaner LLC)
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